Modernisation of web services brings concrete improvements to brand awareness and customer experience


Knauf Oy is a company focused on manufacture and sales of plasterboard and other construction products. Knauf Oy is part of the Knauf Group, which is one of the world’s largest plasterboard suppliers and a leading European construction material manufacturer.

Project URL

New service concept

Mediasignal planned and implemented a new electronic service concept better compatible with the intended purpose: to serve as an informative service channel for customers and Knauf employees alike.

From Product to Property business model

Over the last few years, Knauf has reorganised its organisation and services to support the customers’ needs even more strongly. The From Product to Property business model has been utilised for the creation of everyday service experience more and more actively and used in connection with the web service renewal for provision of more high-quality services via electronic channels.

The usability of the website and logicality of its structure took a great leap forward towards a better user experience. Combined with the new, fresh look, this makes up for a pleasant whole.

We wanted to conceptualise the From Product to Property model as the starting point and common thread of the website. The solution-centeredness also crystallizes the core of the new web service: the service consisting of individual technical and contents-related features is to be regarded as a whole serving the customers in the best possible way.

The aim of web service renewal was improvement of online customer service and strengthening of the Knauf brand by visual design means.

Terminal-dependent content and implementation

We implemented a flexible website solution for Knauf, in which case the scaling, layout, and appearance of the content depend on the browser and terminal size. Responsiveness and design that considers different terminal types constituted important starting points for the entire project.

Website’s own material bank to facilitate work

From the renewed website, owing to the shopping cart functionality, the user can conveniently download material packages to the site’s own materials bank and send them to an e-mail address, if required. In the future, product cards, safety data sheets and presentation materials can also be easily accessed and downloaded directly from the material bank.

Customer feedback

“The website renewal improved the user experience significantly. The intelligible appearance and page structure guide you to the whereabouts of relevant information quicker than before.”
-Ari Hyvärinen, Knauf Oy


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