Mediasignal Group

Mediasignal helps its customers to realise their dreams through software solutions and consulting on communications, strategic planning, and even company overhaul projects.

Our customers range from start-ups to multinational corporations. Ambition, market-based challenge and business ethics are important, regardless of our customer company’s size.

Mediasignal was created directly online in 1996. Digital business and software development have been in our blood ever since.

We assemble a team and choose a process to suit your needs. Our specialists bring a unique combination of experience to the table in every project. This is all done with a high work ethic — less talking, more action, quicker results, and always with 100% passion. No wonder that our customer satisfaction is the best in the industry.

Customer satisfaction

Competition on the markets is fierce. That’s why we recommend that you use customer satisfaction as one gauge of success when you work with us. We are happy to hear your feedback based on numbers and feeling. Projects with us last months and collaboration can continue for years. Open discussion helps us to succeed and improve our operations. We hope that you also tell your friends about us.

Digital way to vision

In today’s world, the boundaries between business operations are changing, and sometimes they disappear entirely. Mediasignal is more than a strategy consultant, more than a software developer and more than a brand agency. We do all of this. We are committed to promoting our customers’ business.

Our references contain innovative digital business solutions, communications success stories, smart social applications, versatile media banks and strategic software implementation to support core business activities.

We are privileged to work for such ironclad professionals. Our service often combines the views of a company’s executive management with top operative professionals to reform business.

It is great to be involved in developing and creating future services together with partners.

First, we share a vision, then we plan and implement. This is what our “digital way to vision” approach is all about.

Toni Pato-Oja
CEO & Chairman
Mediasignal Group

Our shared

We commit to professional collaboration and business ethics in everything we do.


We continually develop our skills and operations.


Everyone in our community is respected — every person plays an important role.


We create added value for our customers through our services.


Mediasignal employees are skilled in network technologies, software development, and communications and business consulting.

We also invite external specialists to our teams so that we can work with them to produce world-class customer solutions.


We bring together a diverse range of experts who complement one another and commit to a common goal. To us, a team is always more than a group of individuals. The core of our group work process is the entire team’s crystal-clear understanding of the customer’s goal. No amount of passion, creativity or sweat is spared when striving to achieve that goal.

Customers as partners

We share a common journey with our customers. A project that begins with concept design does not end with technical implementation; it continues as a partnership in the form of continuous development and new brainstorming. We want to know our customers’ business activities inside and out as though they were our own, and exceed expectations again and again with better service.

Culture and people

Culture and values are the cornerstone of our operations. Culture means the ability to grow and develop together with members of the community. We implement our challenging, business-critical systems for serious purposes – but we have fun while we do it.

We are open to learn and try out new methods. We dare to walk our own path. Diversity is power and you can be yourself at Mediasignal. Our work culture is open and barriers to success are decisively cleared out of the way.

In our culture, the customer takes priority.

Let’s make your vision a reality.

Mediasignal would love to talk with you. Even a small idea can grow into an innovation that accelerates your business. We can help you to get started and achieve fast results. Get in touch and challenge us.
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