Search engine optimization (SEO)

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Search engine optimisation refers to all procedures that can be undertaken to improve the visibility of your company, products and services in search engines. We also make sure that the content of your website corresponds to online searches by users.

Search engine optimisation works somewhat like a perpetual motion machine. SEO means that potential customers find your website when they actively search. These searches offer your company important information on customer behaviour in the digital environment. This information can be used to develop web services, marketing and business. All of this ultimately increases awareness among customers and improves user-friendliness.

Another part of SEO is conversion optimization. It refers to developing your site in terms of content meeting the customers needs. We’ll help you improve the usability and effectiveness of your site. We use various tools to collect and analyze visitor data, and make recommendations for action to achieve your goals.

Search engine optimization can also be complemented by search engine marketing (SEM) on Google. Google Ads enables advertising on the world’s largest search engine, Google. The ads that appear on Google search pages are targeted to the customers who are searching for information related to your business. The customer finds your business when in need of services and marketing is therefore highly optimized.

Basics of SEO

Keyword research

We’ll take a close look at your business and needs to help you tailor the right keyword plan. In addition, we analyze the most used keywords in the entire business area to reach the right target audience. This ensures that your business reaches customers ahead of its competitors.

When optimized professionally, digital marketing can be targeted precisely. A thorough keyword research is the foundation of cost-effective digital marketing.

Technical optimization

Website visitors demand that pages load quickly and that they responsively adapt to different devices. Search engines, on the other hand, require working code and optimization for pages to succeed.

The functionality of pages can be influenced by a powerful server, well-functioning and customized code and lightweight content. These features are studied by technical SEO.

Advanced and extensive technical SEO ensures that the page meets today’s digital requirements and succeeds in search engine competition against other pages.

On-site SEO

In addition to technical optimization, we optimize the content of your pages to meet today’s needs. We optimize text content, titles, media, links, metadata and structure to improve the usability and functionality of your page.

On-site optimization integrates seamlessly with other aspects of search engine optimization. This development also directly improves the customer experience.

Off-site SEO

In addition to on-site SEO, we can utilize off-site optimization to improve customer experience and awareness.

External optimization means backlinks from trusted sites, visibility in business search services, and activity on social media channels. These actions will affect the reputation and reliability of your website.

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