WordPress development for companies

WordPress development to boost your business.

WordPress is the world’s most popular publishing system, with benefits such as ease of use, lightness and a large number of ready-made plugins. Already over a third of the world’s websites run on WordPress. WordPress is also based on open source and free licensing.

Managing and editing WordPress site content is easy for the customer. Needless to say, WordPress is the most easy-to-use publishing system on the market and was originally designed to create and maintain blogs for content creators. Writing and editing text is simple and easy with WordPress.

Mediasignal specializes in demanding WordPress web service implementations, which often include integration, intranet, extranet, product database, ecommerce, reservation system or other business applications.

We have created numerous WordPress sites for our clients, which you can read more about in our references. Contact us and let’s work together to design your new web service project.

Case HW-Company

HW-Company web service package was implemented by using WordPress and WooCommerce e-commerce platform. In the e-commerce implementation, we worked with the customer to design functionalities suitable for HW-Company’s industry and business.

Our solution enables further integration with payment services and back-end systems such as ERP, PDM, PIM and financial management.

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Website and online store all under the same roof

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, whose diverse range of properties and countless plug-ins enable cost-efficient and agile website development.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plug-in and e-commerce platform that is used worldwide. WordPress and WooCommerce are based on open source code, which means that it is easy and effortless to edit pages and input content.

WordPress and WooCommerce work together seamlessly. They make it possible to connect content pages, a blog and an online store into a single entity. This means that you can use properties, which are complicated and time-consuming to maintain using other content management systems. WooCommerce can be used to customise the appearance of your online store to precisely meet the needs of your company and your customers. An attractive graphic design and optimised user experience ensure that your online store will stand out from the crowd and keep customer satisfaction high.

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