Renewed brand image and extensive website package for wholesale trade and business gift sales


Oy HW-Company Ltd is a wholesale service company established in 1989. It imports and sells internationally renowned and high-quality clothing, shoes and accessories for sports, outdoor activities, hunting and shooting. In addition to importing activities, HW-Company specialises in the corporate clothing concept and business gifts for companies and organisations.

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A triple website package for wholesale trade and business gift sales

HW-Company’s web service package contains a marketing website for internationally renowned sports and leisure products and brands, a product website for hunting and shooting sports, and an online store for business gifts for companies and organisations.

Efficient technology through modular solutions

Consistency between the three different websites was taken into account when designing the web services. The page templates were created in a modular way to allow for quick changes and the utilisation of the web service components across the websites.

The web services were developed on the WordPress platform.

Purchasing possibilities and requests for offers on the business gift website were developed using the WooCommerce online store platform. Users can place products in their shopping baskets directly from the site and then send a request for an offer to HW-Company. Users who are logged in can directly place orders and procure products with personalised printing.

Distributor information was also integrated into the websites and can be filtered by e.g. location, brand or store name.

WordPress development and online stores are Mediasignal’s strengths

WordPress was chosen as the content management system while WooCommerce was selected as the platform for the product websites. During the implementation of the online store, we worked together with the customer to design functionalities that suit HW-Company’s industry and business activities.

The solution we implemented enables further development in the form of integrations into payment services and backend systems such as ERP, PDM, PIM and financial management.

New brand image sees an increase in commerce

The primary goal of HW-Company’s website package was to highlight HW-Company’s brand, improve usability and provide website users with a comprehensive image of HW-Company’s operations all over Finland and worldwide.


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