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What does marketing automation mean? In a nutshell, marketing automation helps to save time by processing repetitive marketing and sales tasks based on predetermined rules and schedules, and by collecting critical and useful data in a centralised location. This helps sales to reach potential customers and leads at the right time.

Which marketing automation system would suit your company? Choosing the right marketing automation system requires information about different system properties and their significance to the organisation as a whole. It’s a choice that should be made carefully, as there are many different pricing models and properties available. Marketing automation giants such as HubSpot and Marketo often pop up in discussions, but they’re not always the best solution.

What kind of marketing automation system does Mediasignal offer? We offer the open-source Mautic system for marketing automation, as it is capable of the same or more than its commercial competitors. The solution is designed for companies of all sizes and in any industry. Mautic is already used by over 200,000 organisations worldwide.

What are the key features of Mautic? Some of the features Mautic offers include:

  • Monitoring and analytics: Monitor what visitors to your site do and what they have done elsewhere.
  • Lead-specific information: Leads are divided into unknown and recognised visitors. More information and properties are specified for recognised visitors, both automatically and manually.
  • Lead scoring: Point system play a key role in the automation workflow for strong marketing. A lead can receive points based on various actions they take on your website. Points increase value for leads.
  • Campaigns: Campaigns are workflows that are used to manage leads during the sales cycle. Campaigns can be events that are scheduled or “triggered”.
  • Email communications: Emails are one of the most important communication channels for potential leads. Emails are part of campaigns and workflows. In Mautic, you can choose your email service provider yourself.
  • Forms: Forms are the primary method of converting an unknown visitor into a lead.
  • Files: You can offer downloadable guides, white papers, infographics or even videos to visitors on your site.
  • Reports: The system shows how well your marketing is working and you can easily find information events in the reports. You can customise your own dashboard on Mautic’s frontpage with the most important events.
  • Integrations: The system features extensive integration possibilities for various services, such as newsletter services and CRM systems.

Unlike most marketing automation systems, our solution doesn’t lock you into annual contracts. Marketing automation systems are also often priced based on the number of contacts, so the price of such a system can often rapidly become too high for many companies. Mautic is a significantly more cost-effective solution without progressively increasing prices and is therefore suitable for companies operating on a smaller budget.

Mautic is light and quick to implement, and can also be installed completely locally on your own server, meaning all of your data is stored on your own premises.

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