Marketing automation

More quality leads for your company.

Marketing automation helps you to improve the customer experience, make your marketing more efficient, and produce high-quality customer communications that support sales activities – your company can manage all its channels using a single tool.

Our Mautic-based marketing automation solution is based on open-source code and can be tailored to companies of all sizes, regardless of their field of business.

Mautic can be integrated into all of the web services implemented by Mediasignal and into websites built by third parties.

Make marketing more effective

Marketing automation can be used to help customers at different phases of the purchasing path with just the right topics to convert more site visitors into high-quality leads.

Marketing automation is not just a marketing tool; it also helps sales by increasing lead production. Automation produces warm leads for sales that can be more easily converted into customers.

Our marketing automation solution can be successfully integrated into different services and CRM systems.

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