Oras is a significant developer, manufacturer and marketer of kitchen and bathroom faucets. Each technical detail in the products is designed to promote the efficient use of water and energy. Oras’ vision is to truly own the electronic faucet market in Europe.

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Collaboration focused on service development and a demanding technical solution

Collaboration between Mediasignal and Oras began with a Proof of Concept project, which modelled the automated publication of product information based on PIM integration. After a successful POC, we implemented a complete modernisation of the web service. Mediasignal was responsible for the complete implementation of a web service solution, including the web service concept, visual appearance and technical implementation with its integrations.

Oras’ extensive product portfolio was integrated into a product information management (PIM) system, where product structures, product information and language versions, and the visibility of products and resources on the website are managed centrally. Product lists and product sheets for service users are automatically generated from product information. The search Engine Elasticsearch, which can be used to store, search and analyse large quantities of data quickly and in real time, was added to the service.

Mediasignal’s ImageBank Independent DAM system solution was integrated into the service so that marketing material and technical documentation could easily be shared through the solution. ImageBank is also integrated into Oras’ product information management system.

Mediasignal delivered the solution using the Google Cloud environment to guarantee good global availability for the service.

An extensive web service solution for Europe’s leading faucet manufacturer

Oras’ web service serves consumer customers, B2B customers and professionals in 11 different languages. Essential parts of the web service include the easy sharing of up-to-date product information, professional tools and inspiration for strengthening the Oras brand.

The successful company’s bold changes become reality in customer experiences

The Oras brand was modernised entirely in connection with the web service overhaul. The web service was used to create a bold and distinct image of Oras and to strongly highlight the brand’s new promise.

”We make living better” is Oras’ brand promise, on which it delivers through consistent and seamless commitment to five core brand attributes: quality, modernity, partnership, ease and well-being. That is also a good description of the purpose of the web service.

A holistic solution from a single supplier

The implementation was carried out with consideration for the Group – the service was designed so that it would support the activities and needs of both Oras’ and Oras Group’s subsidiaries.

The solution delivered by Mediasignal included all of the service’s technical solutions and the customer received the necessary solution by utilising the single-supplier model.

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