Meira Nova

Meira Nova is a wholesale company established some 25 years ago, which specialises in serving restaurants, hotels, staff canteens, and public sector catering kitchens. Meira Nova is part of the S Group.

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Partnership began with modernising a website

The co-operation between Mediasignal and Meira Nova commenced in 2015, when Meira Nova was looking for a partner capable of renewing its web service. Mediasignal took the challenge and set out to develop a new service experience for current and future customer groups of Meira Nova.

Wanted: A flashy and distinctive look

One of the starting points of the renewal was the visual identity of Meira Nova. The old visual identity had reached the end of its lifecycle. Among the website’s objectives was activation of new customers and gathering of leads.

Meira Nova had successfully arranged some brainstorming sessions among their personnel; owing to this, our designers could conveniently highlight the domains that truly required renewal.

A crucial issue was how to present the wide product range consisting of some 21,000 items with sufficient accuracy without transferring the product units to the website.

As a result, a responsive website was created for Meira Nova, which is characterised by a flashy and distinctive look. The product range was integrated in the website by product groups, and individual smaller product bundles were highlighted from the range.

A new electronic customer service channel

The renewed website offers improved services to old and new clientele. Contacting the company is easy and the customer is directed towards this rather firmly.

The website was also provided with its own chat service available to customers on weekdays from 9 AM to 9 PM. The chat function launches the customer service to a new dimension – the needs of the customers are truly addressed.

Customer feedback

” Co-operation with Mediasignal has been trouble-free. Everything that we have agreed upon has been taken care of, accurately and thoroughly. We will gladly remain partners with Mediasignal in the future as well! “
– Leena Honkaniemi, Meira Nova


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