Natural Resources Institute Finland

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is a research and expert organisation that works to promote the bioeconomy and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Easy food waste measuring and reporting

For the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Mediasignal carried out an online application for the measuring of food loss in catering and for the generation of statistics/reports based on the logged data.

Tools development to reduce food waste

The aim of the project was to implement a food waste measuring programme that forms an essential part of Luke’s national food loss tracking project. The goal is to highlight the importance of reducing food waste for the entire food chain and in catering as well.

The ease of use of the application on various end devices is crucial, as the equipment used in the field is quite varied and you must be able to do the logging on, for example, smartphones and tablets.

With the help of the application, restaurants participating in the project log their daily food waste in the system that will then create a summary report of all logged waste for Luke to utilise.

Structured food waste data for research use

By using the application, measurements can be organised in ways that best address the companies’ own needs. The administrator can see a summary of the statistics produced by the logged data, and this information can be filtered in various ways, for instance, according to time and dish. Data is gathered on waste quantity, quality, origin, reasons, and on means of reducing the loss. The results of the reporting can be viewed as numerical tables and graphs, and these can be exported to Excel from the application.

Diverse experience of various measuring and reporting applications

In choosing a partner for the project, high value was placed on Mediasignal’s experience of application development in the fields of quality control and self-monitoring.

In implementing the designing the application, we utilised our extensive experience of digital service production related to data modelling and risk management.


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