Aiming to predict changes in the operating environment and to increase the efficiency and controllability of processes

Jetecon Oy

Jetecon Oy is a Finnish specialist in processes, production and logistics value chain development. The company's special expertise includes 3D simulation technology and its utilization in various research and development areas of manufacturing industry. Jetecon's experts regularly work on various projects of the Internet of Things and Digital Manufacturing type.

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Visualization of information as part of process development

The professionals at Mediasignal and Jetecon form a community of experts whose common thread is the predictability of changes in the customer environment, streamlining of processes and increased control.

The key is to provide a clear and easy-to-adopt digital environment that illustrates the viewing and reporting of information to different stakeholders in a visual format.

The collaborative concept provides a modern, illustrative way of evaluating, steering and continuously developing business environment processes and the logistics value chain.

Visualization of information
Compilation and processing of collected data
  • The purpose is to structure and analyze the data or raw data in a form suitable for visualization.
Visual presentation
  • Create a company-specific visual format language for reporting that controls the display of raw data.
Visualization of information by target group
  • Creating a user-friendly description model that supports different viewability.
Reporting portal
  • Easy and understandable visual reporting – visualizes information and enables real-time monitoring and analysis
  • Dynamic data comparison
  • Connecting data sources
  • Smooth utilization of current and historical knowledge in monitoring
  • Effortless presentation and sharing of information 24/7 worldwide

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