For more than 60 years, Enerke has worked with electric power networks in all stages of their life cycles. Enerke’s practical experience, encompassing all areas of power distribution, provides special capabilities for meeting the power distribution needs of electricity companies, the public sector, industrial facilities and companies.

A business application that aims to better serve the end customer

In accordance with its operating principle, Enerke Oy aims to add value to its operations for its customers. The high-quality documentation of work and implementation that aims at full life-cycle management were clear starting points for the new digital business solution.

Site pictures on the map – getting documentation and orientation in order

System requirement specification identified the following as key issues: an easy-to-use mobile application for photographing site areas, placement of the pictures on the map application, sharing precise location data and processing project management information in an agile manner.

Increasing quality in fieldwork through a mobile application

A particular requirement was for the user interface to be easy to use in challenging terrain and on-site during induction situations. For the end customer, the high-quality documentation of the project site with pictures brought added value that will last far into the future and help to manage the entire life-cycle.

Thorough documentation also further ensures the quality of Enerke’s work that takes place underground and in remote locations.

The piloting of a new application known as the Mape system at Enerke began in summer 2019. User experiences have been promising, and the business application provides added value for customer service and quality improvement, and also provides an excellent foundation for further development.

Mediasignal’s ImageBank Independent and the mobile application developed for it were the basis of the service. The investment decision was made significantly easier by Mediasignal’s understanding of business in the construction industry and its high level of technological competence, beginning with the service design and requirements specification. The application implemented for Enerke also creates a foundation for development work on product modules for Mediasignal Avainia, aimed more widely at the construction industry.


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