Versatile digital business solutions in a key role in the development of industrial wholesale activities


Dahl is a wholesaler of HVAC products, municipal engineering technology and industrial piping products. Dahl operates in over 300 locations in the Nordic countries, Estonia and Lithuania. The company is part of the international Saint-Gobain Group.

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Diverse development

For Dahl, Mediasignal has designed and built digital business solutions that cover a wide range of different business sectors.

Added value for Dahl’s digital services through product data integrations

Dahl’s sizeable range of more than 20,000 product items can be browsed in its entirety on webpages implemented by Mediasignal. Comprehensive integrations into backend systems have been carried out for product information management.

A DAM system solution tailored to meet Dahl’s needs acts as a material certification bank. The centralised management software contains over 170,000 documents. The material certification bank is primarily used as a tool for transferring, managing and sharing documents. Customers are also able to independently retrieve documents from the reader interface.

Customer feedback

” Mediasignal has been incredibly flexible in implementing our website with product databases for our sizeable range of more than 20,000 products. “
– Sanna Salminen, Dahl

Boosting procurement with a supplier extranet

A supplier extranet provides much-needed assistance with managing the supply chain. Shared by suppliers and buyers, the tool helps with the management and reporting of prices of more than 20,000 stock-keeping units.

The extranet is in the launch phase.


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