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Coxa is Finland’s first and only hospital to specialise solely in joint replacement operations. It employs 200 of the top professionals in the industry. Coxa carries out over 3,500 joint replacements annually.

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Tools for external and internal communications

The web service package implemented for Coxa contains a web service aimed at patients and stakeholder groups and an international CoxaPro information portal that serves top orthopaedic professionals.

The package is completed by Coxa Intranet for internal personnel communications.

Digital services for a variety of needs and target groups

The starting point for the comprehensive overhaul was to completely modernise Coxa’s web services to correspond with the brand appearance and to better correspond to the diverse needs of the user base.

Further development resulted in the implementation of CoxaPro for joint replacement surgery care professionals and other parties with an interest in the industry. The motivation for the creation of CoxaPro was the desire to share Coxa’s specialist expertise and know-how, and to provide joint replacement surgery professionals with a reliable source of information to support their work.

The design and implementation of various technical components, such as extensive system integrations and interface descriptions, were key to the overall delivery.

Coxa also uses Mediasignal’s ImageBank Independent DAM system to manage internal and external communications and marketing material.

Functionality for publicly owned specialist care

Coxa joint replacement hospital’s service focused especially on usability and the excellent availability of content. The service concept was designed in accordance with patients’ user habits and content was designed to serve precisely the correct purpose.

The CoxaPro service was conceptualised based on Coxa’s vision of being an internationally renowned trailblazer. The CoxaPro service publishes research and training material internationally and gathers together knowledge about joint replacement. The website also presents the results of international research collaboration.

Partnership for technology solutions, communications and working together

Joint replacement hospital Coxa aimed to find a skilled digital business partner who understands the significance of communications and the production of a technological solution model as a key part of a company’s and organisation’s operations. The partner also had to be able to lead high-quality collaboration.

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