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The nature and significance of communications are changing and also increasing as a result of the necessity of digitalisation and solutions. That’s why it’s now relevant to ask what communications means for companies, whose responsibility it is within an organisation, who carries it out and who manages it.

Our communications commissions come from a wide range of parties, usually in connection with business or digital services development. They come from customer companies’ management and specialists, but also from their boards or owners. All of them assess the significance of communications from slightly different perspectives.

We often hear people considering whether the decision should be made to segment and allocate modern communications within the management group, or who will ultimately be responsible for these areas. Specialists see diverse communications as most useful when making a product or competence known, while business managers on the other hand consider the company’s market share and credibility, and prefer communication that clearly promotes the latter two.

An outside perspective

To the CEO, communications represent the company’s reputation and visibility and are often responsible for shaping the employer image. Sometimes it feels as though communications allows CEOs to momentarily see their company from the outside.

When boards decide to participate in communications planning, big things are usually on the horizon. They are preparing for a crisis, merger, corporate acquisition or other significant change. Sparring and a second opinion are sought from communications professionals. Usually board members have so much experience with communications that their discussion revolves largely around the in-depth preparation of strategic messages and scenarios.

Big changes on the horizon

Though they may not be apparent on the surface, big changes may be on the horizon. Decision-makers usually speak to communications professionals when they want to harness all of the resources that develop a company’s value. The goals are clear, procedures are often confidential, and the work is extremely important. Such cases are a matter of solely increasing the company’s value over various time spans.

Valuable experience for specialists

At Mediasignal, specialists are given the valuable experience of participating in creating opportunities for growth, well-being, new jobs, and ultimately tax revenue, using modern methods. This puts us at the heart of social enterprise.

We consider all of the aforementioned situations to be equally important. There is no growth, market share, reputation or increased value without a product and competence. That’s why modern communications should be on the management’s – and others’ – agenda.

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