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Customer feedback confirms the direction of development

In late spring 2019, Mediasignal had a target marketing and customer experience survey carried out on a limited customer base, which helped to focus on obtaining an unbiased perspective of customer satisfaction. It also provided an illuminating picture of the phased functionality and quality of the service process. 

The spring survey was part of Mediasignal’s rebranding programme. The survey was carried out by an external survey company. Target individuals responded anonymously to the survey. 

Results support our strategic approach

According to the survey, Mediasignal has succeeded in serving its customer base in a rather exemplary way. Respondents were particularly satisfied with project management and end results, our professional problem-solving ability and rapid reaction to demanding customer enquiries. In addition, the proximity and friendliness of staff were also seen as a positive factor that influenced service quality.

Suggestions for development were welcomed. Business design and communications carried out together with the customer was highlighted. Requests for explaining the content and scope of services were also recorded on the list of areas for improvement.

“The survey provided us with valuable information from our customer base about us and the functionality of our services, and we will use this to develop our operations,” says Toni Pato-Oja, CEO of the Mediasignal Group.

Development continues

The spring survey was part of a series of surveys which will continue later this year. It is strongly linked with the company’s strategic business planning and future development work. 

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