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The larger the project, the more important the right decisions that may have to be made on a daily basis based on the information that is available at that very moment.

What if this information is already old, or not even accurate information? What if the changes haven’t gone to your subcontractor’s knowledge and he continues to work with the wrong images?

Today’s rapidly changing world is downright forcing companies to think about new ways of doing things, and the importance of digital is growing in every industry.

We have developed a digital work environment called Avainia for the most common project management issues in the building, shipyard and infrastructure industries that allows you to track project progress and schedule. You have the ability to manage your entire project from a single platform.

With Avainia, you can share documents, scheduling, change information, and contacts from a single platform for all stakeholders. At the same time, your subcontractor can document images of work progress in Avainia’s mobile application on the same platform ensuring up-to-date information on project progress.

Pictures speak more than a thousand words and allow you to see the quality of the areas hidden in the project. The pictures also serve as a guarantee in terms of quality and handling of possible complaints.

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