Vaarojen Sanomat

Vaarojen Sanomat is an impartial local newspaper of the Juuka and Koli areas. The newspaper was established in 1969. The circulation of the newspaper is 3658 (LT 10 March 2014).

Website modernisation

Cooperation between Mediasignal and Vaarojen Sanomat started when reforming the newspaper’s website became topical and the company started searching for a partner to implement the reform.

The local newspaper also serves its readers online

On the website of Vaarojen Sanomat, the users can submit advertisement materials using an electronic form, send story tips to the editor, and subscribe to the newspaper. In addition, the latest stories and news wires are displayed on the front page.

The website has a separate service section for advertisers with media information and technical instructions for advertisement materials.

Vaarojen Sanomat online newspaper

The online newspaper is part of the website, and requires users to login. Subscribers to the newspaper receive login credentials, which are needed to read the online newspaper for free. The online newspaper can also be subscribed to on its own.

The online newspaper includes the articles of the newspaper that is published on Thursdays in an electronic format. The online newspaper also includes a blog and photos sent by readers. Various polls are occasionally organized among the readers.

Registered users can make changes to their subscription details such as provide a temporary address, order delivery breaks, report a change of address, or report any disruptions in paper delivery.


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