Partnership provides added value to individuals’ lives and to services relating to the success of company communities

Coronaria Tietotaito Oy

Coronaria Tietotaito Oy is a Finnish expert company operating nationwide. The company produces various services to support people’s everyday life and create preconditions to success for companies and organisations. The services are broadly related to human behaviour, learning, feelings, and human relations, as well as to leadership and functioning of work communities.

A communications and digital solutions partner

Mediasignal’s role as a co-operation partner of Tietotaito Group is most prominent in streamlined communication, target group-specific structuring of services, planning of digital solutions, and selection of message formats upon targeting of the company’s work life and family services to the wide customer base.

Prominent display of services on the website

One of the key modes of communication is the website of Tietotaito Group, where the various options supplementing public services are clearly displayed.

The website also offers valuable information on issues related to the well-being of communities, individuals, and families. The website also functions as a channel for discussing field-specific topical news.

Precise targeting of the message and clarity exert significant influence on how our services reach the clientele.


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Toni Pato-Oja

CEO | Senior Partner | Digital Business
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