A tight-knit partnership for communications and digital solutions supports the promotion of families’ wellbeing

SOS Children's Village

SOS Children’s Village has operated in Finland since 1962. The Finnish organisation is a member of the child protection organisation SOS Children’s Villages International established in 1949. The aim of SOS Children’s Village is to ensure that every child can grow in a loving, appreciative, and safe environment. SOS Children’s Village supports families in Finland and abroad, helping the families to stay together.

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Communications partnership

Mediasignal works in close partnership with SOS Children’s Village. To support the activity of SOS Children’s Village, we have created a comprehensive web service, and planned and constructed a related online store. An important individual component of the website is the web donor service and the related payment interface.

Mediasignal also functions as the communications consultant of the SOS Children’s Village.

Importance of the operation is evident

The aim of the SOS Children’s Village is to improve the well-being of children and families in Finland and abroad. For more than 50 years, SOS Children’s Village has helped children who are at risk of losing or have lost their parents’ care. SOS Children’s Village provides early support and child protection-related non-institutional and foster care services at different locations in Finland.

SOS Children’s Village strives to make sure that the needs of children and families are considered by the community to the greatest extent possible, especially for the prevention of the need for intergenerational child protection. SOS Children’s Village is also active on the international level, for example, via godchild activity, development co-operation projects, and disaster relief.

Customer feedback

” Mediasignal is a good partner to SOS Children’s Village, since children’s issues are also close to their heart. The services provided by them have always been skilful, friendly, and customer-oriented. “
– Aija Rikala, SOS Children’s Village


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