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SKS Group

SKS Group is a Finnish family business established in 1924, which provides product and service solutions based on solid technical expertise to machine and equipment manufacturers in Finland and on selected international markets. The Group’s core activities and six subsidiaries are located in Finland. The company employs approx. 700 professionals around the world.

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Industry knowledge plays a crucial role

For SKS Group, it was important to find a partner with experience not only in the fields of communications and e-business, but thoroughly in touch with the nature, customer needs, and target markets of the manufacturing industry – a partner with a vision.

The first target for renewal was the website; the aim was to bring the notable family-owned business closer to its customers using a modern service capable of activating the users.

In addition, our team of experts has participated in strategy work of the Group and in the related description of operative communication.

Development of group communications

The annual report of SKS Group was renewed. Mediasignal created the complete annual report concept, text content, and visuals.

In 2014, SKS Group celebrated its impressive 90-year journey. We designed the anniversary logo displayed on the Group’s communication materials throughout the year. A corporate video was recorded at the SKS Group premises in Hyvinkää and Vantaa.

TW LogStacker brand development

Among other products, Toijala Works, a company belonging to the SKS Group, manufactures TW LogStacker machines. The log stackers have been developed for extremely efficient log handling at woodyards, for maximization of timber storage space owing to good stacking performance.

We prepared graphical guidelines and comprehensive presentation materials to support the sales and marketing of the TW LogStacker product family.

Comprehensive brand work – Introduction of new Kuro

In spring 2015, SKS Toijala Works launched Kuro, an all-new member of the TW LogStacker product family. Kuro is a new product designed ‘from scratch’ based on the company’s extensive log stacker development and manufacturing experience. Kuro also represents the modern design language, for which it received the Red Dot design award.

Launching plan and marketing materials for Kuro

Mediasignal focused the communications/launching work on representing the new Finnish, manufacturing industry way to plan and build a successful international product concept through co-operation. The launching included materials production and the comprehensive Kuro website.


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