Prima Pet Premium

Prima Pet Premium Oy is a pet food and supplies manufacturer, importer and wholesaler established in 1999 in Tampere and currently based in Pirkkala.

Long-term cooperation

The cooperation between Mediasignal and Prima Pet has been quite versatile for many years. The wide product range and numerous consumer brands of Prima Pet have led to running of a number of active websites. The expandability and manageability of these sites has become a major issue.

Based on Open Source system TYPO3

The starting point for cooperation was that Prima Pet used a number of different home page platforms and the updating and data security issues were getting out of hand. Through competitive bidding, Prima Pet decided in favour of Mediasignal’s TYPO3 platform. The system choice meant better overall manageability and all-round cost effectiveness.

Common Product Database and Easy Management of Product Data

The websites are supported by an extensive product database to make management of the wide product range easier. The common product database contains product data and images retrievable from the database for various services with the help of an interface.

Currently, Prima Pet runs about 10 websites built on the TYPO3 platform, some of which come with several language versions.

Customer feedback

” We are very pleased with the service provided and usability of the websites. Mediasignal invests into platform development and makes sure the data security, for example, is always up-to-date. This is of primary importance for us. “
– Timo Pärssinen, Prima Pet Premium


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