Customised Hotelway mobile application offers its users a versatile information and accommodation system

Limber Way

Limber Way is an international company that operates in Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Limber Way helps hotel and catering businesses to identify and adjust their processes so that they can perform better with their customers.

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A service that makes travelling easier

The Hotelway concept provides a chance for travellers to communicate with their hotel by using a mobile application.

With the application, guests can take care of their check-in in advance, send questions, or order extra services. If customers so wish, they can save their personal information or preferences for later use, saving them the trouble of providing this information again when checking into a hotel.

New kind of customer care

Solid experience of hotel and catering service production.

Mediasignal possessed several years of experience of digital service development, integrations, and reservation complex systems for the hotel and catering industry, and this made them a strong candidate among suppliers.

The end result is a service that speeds up customer registration, provides the hotel with confirmed and accurate guest arrival times, and enables extra revenue and customer tracking to promote sales.

Administrative tools

Mediasignal is responsible for the backend application architecture, data modelling, servers, application development, and total management.

The backend functions as the data source and storage for the mobile application, and also provides the administrative management panel via which the hotel will handle customership management, logins, and hotel-to-guest communications.

Mediasignal also designed and supplied the interface between the backend and mobile applications.

The project moved from one phase to the next and the total project scope was extended as the implementation progressed.


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