Huhtahyvät produces a wide range of well-known Finnish food products such as mettwurst, sausages, cold cuts, and gourmet salads. In 2015, Huhtahyvät employed 55 persons and its turnover was 19 million euros. The high-quality and certified Huhtahyvät products can be recognized by their distinctive blue crown emblem.

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Website and rebranding

The cooperation between Huhtahyvät and Mediasignal began when Huhtahyvät was looking for a partner to upgrade its website. The website was upgraded as part of the company’s overall brand reform, which was implemented by Porkka & Kuutsa Oy.

Certified food production

Clean raw materials, tasty recipes, and modern production methods ensure the high quality and authenticity of Huhtahyvät products. This promise was also embedded into the website narrative.

The website includes the company’s product range, main production principles, and information about the company. The online service also includes a photo archive with downloadable print-quality product images.

Mediasignal designed to user interface and visual look of the Hyhtahyvät website, and was also solely responsible for its technical implementation.


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