Moovy is a multilevel car park service and marketplace that raises the bar for drivers and parking providers


Finnpark provides parking services all over Finland, and is an industry trailblazer in the development of digital parking services. Finnpark’s activities also include property development and the letting of commercial space in Tampere.

Increasing parking freedom

Moovy is a car park service and marketplace that brings together drivers and parking service providers. It raises the bar for a new freedom of movement, with the same service operating in different parking environments; indoor car parks, roadside car parks, and other car parks.

Tools for parking providers and customer service

We collaborated with Finnpark’s specialists to create a web dashboard to operate and manage the Moovy car park service. The application makes it possible for customer service to manage daily parking and customer-relationships, e.g. showing active parking by parking site, drilling down into parking history data, and displaying customer-specific invoicing history. For parking providers, the application offers a management interface for the provider’s own parking sites and customer data.

Nationwide parking

Moovy parking service was used to create an entirely new service business model that opened up markets for Finnpark to operate as a parking service provider all over Finland.

Long-term collaboration and a wide range of expertise play a key role

We have carried out close cooperation with Finnpark in dozens of parking digitalisation projects for more than 10 years. Thanks to this experience and our history, we have formed efficient, shared working methods and a great mutual understanding of what we are aiming for and how.

Our key specialist services in the Moovy project were an understanding of the parking business, development of digital business applications, the implementation of integrations between services, and steering group work.


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