Avecra offers comprehensive restaurant, cafe, and kiosk services on board trains and at railway stations. Avecra Oy is a restaurant company owned by VR-Yhtymä Oy and Rail Gourmet Group.

Project URL

New online marketplace

Mediasignal implemented for Avecra a website renewal that provided Avecra with a better electronic marketplace for their wide range of services. In addition to a fresh look, renewal of the website involved improved targeting of the services offered and emphasizing of the originality of the brands displayed.

A wide range of services under the Avecra brand

Avecra offers a wide range of services. It covers train restaurants and various restaurant and kiosk services at stations. One of the challenges from the viewpoint of service design was how to present the wide range of products harmoniously and coherently under the Avecra brand.

In the course of the renewal, places of business were assigned their own websites for introduction of their services under their own brand identity.

All site data are managed from under the same system, which means that the Avecra administrator can update general site content or single places of business can update their information.


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