Web services

Web service projects as turnkey deliveries.

Web services act somewhat like an organisation’s business card. A good web service comes from user group-based design, which ensures high availability, a brand-compliant appearance, and an integral data structure.

Mediasignal supports its customers throughout the entire web service project. We can help you to find the right content management system, design your service concept, implement a website and act as its administrator. A web service project begins with design workshops where a shared concept of the service to be implemented is created.

Mediasignal specialises in multifaceted WordPress and TYPO3 based web services that include applications supporting integrations, log-ins and log-outs, product database connections, booking functionality, and applications to support business. We combine creative design with technical reliability and long-term serviceability.

Our references contain several examples of website entities we have implemented for organisations of different kinds. A well-functioning web service forms the cornerstone for the multifaceted entity of digital communications.

Case Oras

Mediasignal was responsible for the complete implementation of a web service solution for Oras, including the web service concept, its visual appearance, and technical implementation with integrations.

Oras’ extensive product portfolio was integrated into a product information management (PIM) system, where product structures, product information and language versions, and the visibility of products and resources on the website are managed centrally in their entirety.

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Search engine optimization

SEO is included in our projects from the start.

Search engine optimization refers to all procedures that can be undertaken to improve the visibility of your company, products and services in search engines. We also make sure that the content of your website corresponds to online searches by users.

Search engine optimization works somewhat like a perpetual motion machine. SEO means that potential customers find your website when they actively search. These searches offer your company important information on customer behaviour in the digital environment. This information can be used to develop web services, marketing and business. All of this ultimately increases awareness among customers and improves user-friendliness.

We use technical optimization to ensure that pages load quickly and adapt reactively to different devices. Search engines require functional code and optimization in order for websites to be successful. In addition to technical optimization, we also optimize your website’s content to meet modern needs. We optimise text content, titles, media, links, metadata and a structure to improve your website’s usability and functionality.

On-site SEO forms a seamless entity together with other components of search engine optimization. This development work also directly improves the customer experience.

Web analytics

Continuous development is required for a web service to be successful in a fast-paced world.

Web analytics is a combination of control and optimization, and it is always based on data. In order for your website to be successful, we examine who visits it, their age, what country they come from and what language they speak. In this way, we are able to target your content to meet the needs of potential customers. We also examine how they found your website and what they do while they visit.

We design and build tailored Google Data Studio dashboards. Google Data Studio is a dashboard and visualisation tool that can be used to create real-time, customised dashboards for organisations. Data can be imported to Data Studio from several systems, but Google Data Studio is best suited for e.g. web services reporting.

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