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Boost your sales with an online store.

Online stores are much more than just a sales channel for products and services. They create and update brands and determine a company’s presence in the digital operating environment. Mediasignal designs and implements online store solutions for target consumer and B2B customer groups.

In our design process, we ensure a top-notch user experience that consists of a visual appearance, clear product browsing and a purchasing process, as well as a functional backend system with product information and integrations. A good online store accelerates sales. A good user experience commits customers to the service.

Let’s customise your online store

In online store implementations, we work with the customer to design functions that suit the industry and business sector, and integrate the required payment services and backend systems, which include, for example ERP, PDM, PIM and financial management.

Online commerce can also be carried out for a limited target group by creating an online store or order system on an extranet.

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A website and online store all under the same roof

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, whose diverse range of properties and countless plug-ins enable cost-efficient and agile website development.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plug-in and e-commerce platform that is used worldwide. WordPress and WooCommerce are based on open source code, which means that it is easy and effortless to edit pages and input content.

WordPress and WooCommerce work together seamlessly. They make it possible to connect content pages, a blog and an online store into a single entity. This means that you can use properties, which are complicated and time-consuming to maintain using other content management systems. WooCommerce can be used to customise the appearance of your online store to precisely meet the needs of your company and your customers. An attractive graphic design and optimised user experience ensure that your online store will stand out from the crowd and keep customer satisfaction high.

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