Document management

Your company’s material, always available.

Mediasignal offers an Enterprise-level document management and file synchronisation solution that keeps files safe.

The document management solution puts files in a centralised location. They are easy to find and securely synchronised on all devices, so they can be used wherever and whenever you want, and no work time is spent on searching for files.

Centralising digital assets into a document management system ensures that the documents in use are all consistent, and makes them easier to manage. Our system acts as a cloud service that replaces network drives.

Work together seamlessly

The package acts as a cloud service and is designed for creative collaboration. You can easily share even large files within your organisation. The latest version of the file is available for the whole team to use so that everyone is on the same page.

The user receives a modern and easy-to-use web user interface, desktop applications and mobile applications. Real-time collaboration and rapid access to your company’s document management from any device, wherever you are!

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