Agile team for implementation and development

Use our agile team for an excellent result.

Our dream team comprises the customer’s product owner, Mediasignal’s service designer, AD, and a senior developer and their counterpart. The composition of the group itself does not really hold any significance, but for us a team always achieves more results than a group of individuals. We do not hide our expertise, and boldly take projects forward.

We support the success of the customer’s product owner in their own work: they become a part of our team and we work together with the customer organisation’s goals in mind. First, we crystallise the business goals. We make sure that we’re all on the same page and using the same terms. Technical boundary terms and opportunities are identified, but we do not obsess over them; instead, we allow the solution to form on the terms set by business requirements and design.

Plans are forged into practical solutions in development sprints. We always bring something concrete to sprint reviews for the team to look at. There’s no need to worry about rollout, as the process of continuous development never stops. We make sure that the solution meets changing needs and will continue to support the organisation’s success in years to come. A team that has carried out implementation in accordance with the DevOps model will continue to work on the further development of the system.

This model is used to design and implement all of Mediasignal’s tailored solutions and to adapt product-based systems to meet the customer’s needs. Business advantage, an excellent user experience and technical performance are guaranteed for every task we carry out.

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