Joonas Ryynänen

Software projects turn to successes with expertise and correct methods

Modern web-based software solutions are usually complex systems. Integrations and high-quality features are part of a normal day in a company developing a software solution. Be it websites, eCommerce stores, or customized software solutions, it is clear that in the planning phase of the software many aspects need to be considered. To plan software successfully, comprehensive software developers who take both the technical implementation and the customer’s business goals into account are needed. It is pointless to build a technically impressive system which at the end of the day doesn’t bring any value to the customer. On the other hand, software that at the moment fulfills the customer’s requirements, but has been built with little care about technical aspects can lead to serious problems when developing the software further in the future.

Modern software development is about finding a balance between the quality of the technical implementation, the customer’s business needs, and the schedule of the project – a successful execution means that both the customer and the software company are content. It is important to keep the long-term vision of the software in mind; this helps to build the software in such a way that the vision is possible to achieve someday in the future.

Requirements engineering is an important process of a software project in the beginning. During it, an unambiguous definition of the developed software’s features is created. The document acts as a basis for the actual technical implementation – therefore both the customer and the software company must be committed to creating it with care.

For a software solution to be not only technically working but also visually pleasing, user experience design is needed. This means collecting the use cases and the target audiences of the software – after that, the solution can be modeled for example by prototyping. Based on the prototype and the collected information, it is convenient to select the technical implementation of the software.

In the case of web-based software solutions, the amount of alternative approaches to technical implementation is huge. Therefore one of the most important skills in the modern software world is to identify the most suitable technical solution in the situation at hand. If the software is developed with an unsuitable technology, the development work can go to waste in the worst-case scenario. The opinions of experienced and versatile software developers need to be addressed with great care, as they have the most knowledge about the technical choices.

Lastly: one of the most significant traits of software development is hard predictability. If the developed software is complex and for example depends on 3rd party API:s, it is hard to forecast how long the development work will take. Sometimes features that sound simple can be difficult to implement technically. Even though it is difficult, it is also crucial that the customer knows about the costs of the project. The experience of a knowledgeable software company is a critical part of success in cost estimation – with careful planning and clear communication it is possible to find both technically and economically pleasing solution which adds value to the customer’s business.

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