Jussi Salovaara

Countless volumes of data are available on the internet and on organisations’ internal information systems. Developing search technology plays a key role in information management. Every extensive web service and information system must feature an appropriate search service. It can no longer be the Google box in the top-right hand corner of the screen. The use of artificial intelligence is on the rise, and as technology costs fall, it’s worth bringing your web service and internal information system searches to the 2020s today.

Searching is somewhat like a dialogue between the user and the application. Pre-set filters for results and predictive input help the user forward. Deeper within a web service or application, search technology organises content in easy-to-browse views. Searching is an important part of the user experience of web services and applications. Search development is a combination of understanding the user, smart design, and technical competence.

Search technology skills on a wider scale

Mediasignal has taken its search technology skills to the next level by agreeing on collaboration with VXT-Research. This will add semantic search solutions alongside our existing search engines that carry out “basic work”, Elastic Search and SOLR. VXT is Finland’s leading company when it comes to utilising semantic search solutions, and has received international awards. Semantic search understands natural language and helps to put related concepts in the right context.

Artificial intelligence accelerates business

Semantic search helps companies to manage product information and services in the backend of B2B online stores and to manage information in extensive construction sector projects. 

Recruitment decisions in expert organisations are made easier by a specialist and competence search strengthened by an algorithm to find information from all of a company’s systems across the boundaries of the intranet and platform technologies. Investment in a semantic search functionality pays itself back in the speed with which data is retrieved and in improved decision-making.

Artificial intelligence accelerates business

The VXT Engine technology will be integrated into all of Mediasignal’s information management products, such as Signea Intranet+ and Mediasignal Avainia. It can be combined with any existing information system that contains large quantities of text content in various formats awaiting more efficient utilisation.

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