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Mediasignal Group has been the NCC Group’s communications partner for two years. The largest collaborative project to date was announced in early April, when the NCC Group’s Smart Choices project was launched. It has been prepared for more than a year and aims to make responsibility an integral part of the business.

NCC’s Smart Choices is a concept designed to show that sustainable and high-quality solutions always make the most sense for customers, users and society.

Ambitious principles will be put into practice

NCC’s Smart Choices communication emphasizes the social, ecological and economic aspects of responsibility through products. The first examples are asphalt and aggregate products from the NCC Industry:

  • NCC Green Asphalt is the most environmentally friendly and asphalt product on the market for the customer and users.
  • NCC Armor Stone is an embankment aggregate that reduces beach erosion.
  • NCC Machine Sand is similar to natural sand produced by crushing, which can be used to reduce sand uptake in groundwater areas, for example.
  • The bentonite products of NCC’s Dantonit unit prevent various leaks from pools or other structures during civil engineering.
  • NCC Kielo is a concept developed for the Group’s landfills, which takes care of the naturalness of the environment during and after the years of use.

Mediasignal has been responsible for the design, formulation and creation of the content line of the NCC Smart Choices concept in cooperation with the customer’s responsibility, marketing and communication organizations.

  • NCC’s strategic groundwork and strong responsibility expertise in all markets were an excellent starting point for concept planning and cooperation, says Sami Hakimsan, NCC’s Customer Relationship Officer.
  • Smart Choices shows the importance of everyday work. Every decision affects a better world. The interest rate crisis strengthens the importance and position of responsible business. During the years of reconstruction, the choices of society and companies must be sustainable and long-term, says Merja Alastalo, Communications Director of NCC Finland.

For more information:
Sami Hakimsan, Director, Client Solutions, Mediasignal Group, tel. +358 45 868 0883, /2021

Merja Alastalo, Senior Vice President, Communications, NCC Finland, tel. +358 50 316 5887,

Mediasignal Group is a private digital technology and communications company operating in Tampere, Helsinki and Joensuu, which offers diverse solutions to Finnish and international customers. Mediasignal employs about 30 professionals in business planning and development, web services, software and application development, and communications.

NCC is one of the leading construction, real estate development and infrastructure companies in Northern Europe. The company’s turnover in 2019 was approximately EUR 5.5 billion and the number of employees was approximately 15,500.

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