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Success in the digital environment requires extensive and high-quality product information – it plays a key role with regard to the creation of a good customer experience and for the success of sales and marketing.

A PIM solution ensures the high-quality management of product information and language versions. A key idea is to facilitate the targeted publication of product information in different channels, such as websites, online stores, mobile applications and B2B customers’ order systems.

One of the greatest benefits of multichannel publication is the ability to specify the displayed product range, product structure and product information on a channel-specific basis. In the system it’s possible to manage several different product lines, regional ranges, and language versions, and to publish the desired product information specific to each channel and in a suitable format for different target groups.

Centralised product information management solves these problems with a single piece of software which makes all information available from the same source of data. The product management solution can make your company’s services processes more effective and increase customer satisfaction.

Akeneo PIM – the most diverse open-source solution for implementing demanding PIM solutions

Akeneo is one of the leading providers of PIM system solutions in the world and it has over 46,000 customers worldwide. 

Akeneo PIM is suitable for use by customers of various sizes and can be adapted on a customer-specific basis and integrated into different systems.

Akeneo is an open-source solution that is continuously developed. It can be considered a cost-efficient solution compared to many other commercial systems without compromising on a wide range of functionalities.

We help throughout the entire process

Mediasignal offers its customers the Akeneo solution for the management, enrichment and omnichannel publication of product information. Using Akeneo, your product information will be rapidly available, meaning that you won’t lose customers due to missing or difficult-to-find product information.

Process development, goals and working methods need to be designed before they can be realised – so let’s begin there. 

We are involved in development together with the customer for the entire development process, through phases such as propagation model planning and good specification documentation, implementation and integration.

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